Fall Plantings

An example of a fall flowering pot you can get delivered to your home.  

As the summer winds down you need to start thinking about your fall planting to keep your home looking fresh up until the holidays.

Even in the NJ climate most of our clients live in you can still do outstanding displays that incorporate color and texture.  We have a team of professionals ready to work with you on creating a perfect look for your home but below are some ideas to get you thinking.  
Classics like mums come in a variety of colors.

For sunnier spots asters can also be found in white, purple, pink and blue. Most fall planter and landscapes are built around these classic sections but there are many other options available.  

Perennials like lambs ear and ivy are some of Janet's favorite plants to use in arrangements and bouquets but are also great in your fall pots and planters.  Lambs ear gives a distinct texture not found in many plants and its leaf shape is very unique.  Ivy can really add drama to a planter or pot when added to cascade over the side.  

Lambs Ear.jpg
Asters in Pots.jpg

Cold weather annuals like cabbages, kales, Sages and pansies are also a great choice.  They can be used to create varying heights and add color to displays.  They are also some of the more hearty plants that can last as part of your display into the winter months.  


It is important use containers that will help with the cold.  Hollow logs are Janet's favorite and age naturally while giving a very organic look.  If you need Janet and her team can make them custom from found materials based on the size of your location.  

Fall is also a great time to think about putting your bulbs in for spring.  Stay tuned for a blog post about your spring garden display and how Janet and her team can help.