Halloween Decor


Halloween can be one of the most memorable holidays and the decorations are only limited by your imagination. But really who has the space to store coffins, skeletons, lights, gravestones and a 3' witches cauldron all year long? Janet and her team do!  You can rent them from us along with some custom touches that will leave your guests and trick or treaters pleasantly terrified. 

Looking for an elaborate custom jack o lantern? Janet emplyos artists who can carve an image you provide of your family or corporate logo. Starting with the best quality locally sourced pumpkins and gourds there is no limit to the creativity. 


Looking to put together a spooky lighting scheme? Our lighting team can source professional black light fixtures, moving lights and incorporate unique lighting tricks and illusions that will bring the creative edge to your event. 

We love Halloween as much as you do so don't be afraid to give us a call to find out more!