4 ways Janet Makrancy Will Make Your New Year’s Gathering a Night to Remember

Whether you’re throwing a themed party or an elegant New Year’s Eve ball, Janet and her team have you covered.  NYE offers so many possibilities for fun and spectacular décor, here are just a few ideas to help you decide how your party is going to go.

1. Creating Atmosphere with Draping: Draping is a great way to transform any space while adding elegance and atmosphere.  Hotel ballrooms, country clubs and even parts of your own home can benefit from this treatment and your guests will be wowed.  The use of drape can be purely functional like to obscure unsightly objects or divide up a large space.  Also it can be highly decorative including swags and valances as well as many creative lighting techniques.  Janet and her team are event draping specialists and have multiple colors and styles in stock for you to choose from.  


2. The Classic Balloon Drop: This tradition has old roots for a good reason; imagine ringing in the New Year, with everyone cheering and singing Auld Lang Syne. Suddenly  balloons descend upon you and your guests as you toast, kiss, and create wonderful memories!  Balloon drops take a professional hand to set up, and Janet and her team have the technique down to a science.  Now you just need to pick out the balloon colors, provide some additional installation details and we are ready for the countdown.  


3. Flowers and centerpieces: Who could forget flowers and table centerpieces if you are throwing a fantastic party?  Janet has been designing flowers for decades and has the fresh flower arrangement that is perfect for your bar, buffet or dining room table.  If you are looking for some creativity in your centerpieces we have lots of elegant accents in our rental department as well as countless theme options.  Let us know what you are looking for and Janet and the team will surely have something that will work for your budget and style.  

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4. Let There Be Light!: There are many different forms of lighting used as decor for events.  From large installations of string and bistro lights to small LED lights that can accent centerpieces and table decor.  Janet and her team have all the tricks to make your new years a stunning affair throughout the night and keep you glowing until the the sun comes up.  When combined with our other services like pipe and drape as well as centerpieces you will have an excellent event to remember for sure.  


Janet Makrancy and her amazing team can and will put together any kind of party your heart desires, but don’t delay!  These things take time to plan, and NYE 2018 is right around the corner!